MEDJOOL - premium grade of dates original from PALESTINE

Medjool dates are known for their sweet taste and size.

They are bigger, darker, and more caramel-like in taste than other popular kinds of dates. They also have a very nice edible texture.

Stimulate the immune system

Reduce inflammation

Prevent DNA damage

Improve hormone regulation

Medjool dates have a lot of potassium which soothes sore muscles in addition to containing 12% of the daily requirement of fiber. They are sodium-free and also help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Royally Delicious! Medjool dates are known as “the king of fruits and the fruit of kings” were originally reserved exclusively for royalty but are now available all year round for everyone.

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Premium Mejdool Dates


One of the essentials for muscle development, brain health, and general body health as it has good amounts of carbohydrates, high levels of potassium, magnesium, and vitamins.
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100% Organic & Original

Science tells us that dates nutrients consist of potassium which is essential for life and vital for the heart. Dates also contain magnesium which helps keep your heart rhythm steady and keeps your bones strong. The date also regulates your blood pressure and helps your kidneys function better.


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